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Our policy


Loyal to the values that have made it what it is today, a responsible business, MANTION’s general corporate policy is based on:

  • A general quality strategy
  • Social responsibility
  • A sustainable development approach

1. General quality strategy:

Through its quality policy, MANTION aims to guarantee its clients a constant level of quality, in line with market expectations.

To do this, Mantion uses monitoring tools and listens to its customers so that it can keep track of the expectations of its markets.

2. Social responsibility:

As people are the company’s main asset, Mantion places great importance on continuous recognition of the value of its employees. On a wider basis, Mantion is also keen for this vision to be shared by its partners. Implementing this approach involves:

  • the exclusion of all social discrimination;
  • an active Health and Safety at work policy;
  • the widest possible access to vocational training.

The implementation of these commitments is monitored by personnel representative bodies.

3. Sustainable development approach:

Mantion continually interacts with its environment and is naturally committed to sustainable development, by contributing practically to the effort to protect the planet’s natural resources and improve quality of life.

For the years 2018 to 2020, Mantion has set the following objectives:

  • To guarantee our customers better lead times
  • To reduce data entry times
  • To harmonise data
  • To reduce our consumption of paper and therefore our volume of waste

Implementing this general policy has led Mantion to identify annual action plans setting out its continuous improvement objectives which it is committed to achieving.

Mantion has devoted significant resources to implementing and managing these policies. The policies are led and coordinated by the Quality and Environment Director who reports directly to Mantion's Managing Director.

Finally, to strengthen the effectiveness of these policies, Mantion calls on all its employees and partners to make a commitment to help it implement them.

1 June 2018
Denis Schnoebelen 

Since MANTION has always cared about bringing you the best services within its organization and quality for its products, it is now up to standard : EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 14001.